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One-Handed RGB Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

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One-handed keyboard backlight color has a different color order, the specific light color is subject to the real thing.

Light effect mode: LED color backlight, more cool at night. 

The keyboard backlight function is controlled as follows: FN+ESC button for light switching off function.

The keyboard supports running on Win 2000, Win XP, Win ME, Vista, Win7, Win8, Androed, Linux, Apple and other operating systems. 

FN combination function.

Support multimedia function keys, the operation is as follows: 

(1)FN+F1 button: music player 

(2)FN+F2 key: volume decrement 

(3)FN+F3 button: increased decrement 

(4)FN+F4 button: mute 

(5)FN+F5 key: pause 


Breathing light of 7 colors brings user cool game playing experience.

7 buttons for more convenient operations, fire key for triple attack.

Woven nylon line of dual colors with anti static electromagnetic ring, durable and anti-interference.

5 adjustable DPI for choice, more freely control.

Ergonomic surface, comfortable hand feeling, reduces fatigue.


Keyboard Type:One-handed gaming keyboard

Keyboard Interface:USB 2.0

Keyboard Press the Number of Keys:35 keys

Keyboard Key Life: 20 million times

Keyboard Line Length: 1.6 m

Keyboard Flash ROM :32 bytes

Keyboard EEPROM :Built-in 2K bytes

Keyboard Operating Voltage: VDD = 3.3V - 5.5V

Keyboard Working Current :100mA

Keyboard Ambient Temperature :- 40° C - + 85° C

Keyboard Programming Temperature: 0° C - + 85° C

Mouse Key Quantity :7

Mouse Resolution :1000DPI, 1600DPI, 2400DPI, 3200 ,5500DPI(adjustable)

Mouse Key Life: 10 million

Mouse Voltage Rating / Electric Current: DC 5V / 100mA

Mouse USB Version :2.0

Mouse Buttons: Left, Right, Scroll Wheel, DPI, Fire Key, Advance, Retreat

Mouse Light Effect :colorful

Mouse Compatible: For Windows 7 / 8 / 10/2000 / XP / Vista, for Mac OS or latest.

Mouse Color: Black+Red

Mouse Material: ABS

Mouse Cable Length :140cm

Package Included:

1*Portable One-hand Mechanical Keyboard

1*Gaming Mouse

1*User Manual

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