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Large Non-slip Rubber Gaming Mouse Pad

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Large Non-slip Rubber Gaming Mouse Pad With Extended LED

Ultimate RGB Immersion

8 Static modes, 5 dynamic modes plus 2 brightness levels, this RGB mouse pad with 13 lighting options will bring vibrant colors to your desk setup. Fantastic gear to be added in your gaming area.

Large Size to Cover All

Measuring up to 80cm long and 30cm wide, VictSing XL mouse pad is big enough to fit your keyboard, mouse, headphone and more, and it allows you to make big swipes without worry of running out of space.

Optimize In-game Precision

Our gaming mouse is made from micro-woven fiber. Such texture is softer and smoother with lower friction. It can maximize mouse tracking accuracy and enables you to play the game with better control.

Non-slip Rubber Base

The rugged rubber backing is specially designed to eliminate unwanted movement for intense gameplay. It grips firmly on any smooth surface and can keep itself securely in place no matter how hard you play.

Durable and Waterproof

Designed with premium materials with reinforced stitched edge, our LED mouse pad is of great durability and won't fray or peel away. It's waterproof and is easy to clean with a damp cloth for great convenience.

Product Description:

Create Stunning Lighting Effect and Bring Ultimate Gaming Immersion!

Plug and Play
Our laptop mouse pad can be powered by any USB-equipped devices. You just need to plug it in, and it'll work without need of installing any drivers.

Soft and Comfortable
The micro-textured surface is ultra-soft and smooth, plus its 4mm thickening design, it's fairly comfortable for your wrists and hands to touch.

One-button Control
Short press the light button to switch 13 backlight modes. Double press to adjust 2 brightness levels. Long press for 3s to turn on/off the light.

Package Includes

1 x Large RGB Mouse Pad

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