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Ergonomic Vertical Mouse 6 Button

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Ergonomic Vertical Mouse 6 Button 

6 Button Optical Right hand Mice with Removable Palm Rest for Laptop Computer

  1. Description:

    1. Ergonomic vertical design mouse. Scrollable bionic hand feel design 
    2. Entirely different from traditional mouse. very trendy and stylish
    3. In accordance with the streamline design of human wrist bone, arm meridian and scapular neuroscience
    4. Get rid of arm fatigue due to long-term cross manipulation of the mouse with extreme comfort for long usage time 
    5. symmetrical design for left and right button
    6. Anti-skid anti-sweat with removable palm rest


Brand Name: Delux

Type: Wired

Certification: CE

Number of Rollers: 1

Gross Weight: 160g

DPI: 1600

Package: Yes

Number of Buttons: 6

Operation Mode: Opto-electronic

Style: Finger

Power Type: Rechargeable

Time to market: Apr-14

Model Number: M618BU White

Hand Orientation: Right

Interface Type: USB

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